Google Announces Partnership with One Medical to Open COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics and Speed ​​Up Process

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) – As the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be a struggle for California, tech giant Google is now stepping in to help.

Google is providing $ 150 million for vaccine education, equitable access, and partnering with a healthcare provider to open immunization clinics.

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“We saw a 5-fold increase in the information people seek out about COVID vaccinations, which tells us that people were ready to get more information,” said Dr. Karen DeSalvo MD, head of health at Google .

Dr DeSalvo says that Google Maps will soon allow people to find a vaccination site near them.

“We will support the World Health Organization. To the United States, to the CDC Foundation and to local community organizations, because that’s where trust is built on the front lines of the neighborhood, ”said Dr. DeSalvo.

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Today, the tech giant also pledged $ 150 million for vaccine education and equitable access. As part of their overall plan, they are also opening vaccination clinics.

“We will provide the space, mostly facilities. A doctor will provide vaccinations in partnership with public health,” said Dr DeSalvo.

One Medical medical director Dr Andrew Diamond said they had been in talks with Google since October to create vaccination sites.

One Medical has an annual membership fee of $ 199.

Dr Diamond says they are getting the vaccine doses from the counties.

Light as a feather: “It’s kind of like a loophole. If you get the 30-day trial, you can potentially get the COVID-19 vaccine through One Medical?”

Dr Diamond: “Absolutely. That’s the whole point. Our goal is to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible and as many people as possible.”

Dr Diamond says the reason for joining is to remind people of their second dose and to provide them with 24/7 access to their virtual care.

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As part of this partnership with Google, One Medical will offer free trial subscriptions.

“If you’re not already a medical member, you can get a free medical center membership that lasts for 60 days. It’s long enough to get your vaccination. The idea is that you can get an appointment, based on our appointment availability which is in term based on the amount of vaccine we have, ”Dr Diamond said.

Dr DeSalvo says they are ready to work with other medical providers in the future.

“We have facilities in over 30 states across the United States and we can make them available because local public health authorities think they may be of help,” Dr. DeSalvo said.

For now, Google will start with vaccination clinics in the Bay Area.

As for the timing of the opening of these sites, “We are preparing and are ready to do so in the coming weeks,” said Dr DeSalvo.

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