Google Assistant uses Waze for easier reporting and less distraction


Trying to bring everything back while driving can be an extremely distracting task.


Google Assistant is a great way to reduce distracted driving by letting your voice recognition support certain tasks. It has already been used in Google Maps, helping people get where they're going, and now it's going to Waze.

Google announced Monday that it would begin deploying the integration of Google Assistant on Waze. For the moment, it is only available in the US and English. We do not know if Google wants to increase its availability in future updates. This is also limited to Android phones, so Waze iOS users are not lucky here.

Part of the update will allow Waze users to give Google Assistant specific commands. People can say "Hey, Google, report traffic" or "Hey, Google, avoid tolls", and everything will be as if you're selecting the same conclusion on the screen. In this way, the hands remain on the steering wheel, but the outsourced and renowned Waze information will be as comprehensive as ever.

Google Assistant will also help Internet users to perform other tasks without having to leave Waze's app. Commands such as making phone calls or playing certain songs can be done as easily by calling "Hey, Google."

This will be a huge advantage for those who regularly use Waze at the wheel. But if you are not one of the lucky few to participate in this very specific launch, there are other ways to minimize driving distractions. Android Auto is available both on some mainframes and on Android phones without a main unit. Its structure is simplified and allows tasks to be completed quickly and easily. IOS users can still use Waze in Apple CarPlay.

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