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Google brings RCS email directly to users instead of waiting for operators.

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There has been a lot of talk about RCS (successor to SMS), successor to SMS, in the last year or so, but few actions have been taken. But it's about to change.

Seemingly tired of dragline operators and handset manufacturers, Google offers RCS messaging to Android users in the UK and France. With the takeover of RCS by Google, the service could become the company's version of iMessage by shortly, meaning that users will benefit faster than expected.

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The push RCS should start later this month. While only Android users in the UK and France will be able to take advantage of this service at the moment, it is planned to broadcast it "worldwide" throughout the year .

As stated by Verge, RCS will not be constrained by users, but will instead be available on an opt-in basis. In the Android Messages application, users will have the option to switch to the RCS chat and, on new handsets, they will be asked during the initial setup process to choose the one they prefer to use.

Taking control of the RCS situation by Google is good news for anyone wishing to try the new protocol, but there is a disadvantage. The implementation of RCS by Google does not include end-to-end encryption, although this can be added later. Critics will wonder if it's just that Google supports a protocol that was supposed to be decentralized, but it's something that risks getting lost in the enthusiasm associated with the use of RCS.

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