Google CEO Sundar Pichai will testify in Congress on December 5


In August, Trump tweeted Google's search results are "rigged" and the search giant "removes the voices of conservatives". As evidence, he stated that Google had promoted the speech on the state of President Obama's Union, but had ignored his. Google has strongly denied these claims, saying that he had promoted Trump's first speech on the state of the Union, as well as Obama's. Trump apparently confused that with his first speech to Congress, and Google noted that he had promoted neither the first congressional speeches nor those of Obama.

Even if the Democrats are about to seize power, Google worries more than mere conservative pretensions. The company was heavily criticized for later revealing a Google+ bug that could have revealed the private information of hundreds of thousands of users, among others. 20,000 workers have recently left the premises to protest against the payment to former executives accused of sexual harassment. Finally, thousands of workers and the public are facing Google for its project to build a censored search engine called Project Dragonfly in China.

Pichai's well-known CEO and Alphabet, Larry Page, canceled a congressional hearing in September with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's operations director, and Jack Dorsey, from Twitter. As such, angry committee members on both sides of the aisle left a symbolic empty chair with the "Google" badge. On December 5, Mr. Pichai is expected to face issues related to prejudice, consumer privacy and antitrust issues. A $ 5 billion fine was recently imposed on him in Europe, and US politicians, including Trump and Goodlatte, suggested that Google needed the same level of state control.


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