Google closes Spotlight Stories, its immersive movie studio


Google has announced the closure of Spotlight Stories, its in-house film studio specializing in the production of 360-degree video for phones. "Google Spotlight Stories closes its doors after more than six years dedicated to creating stories and spreading them on phones, screens, in virtual reality and elsewhere, we could escape," reads a statement. Variety by Google.

The last six years have been busy for the studio, which has released 13 films in its relatively short life. These included links to The Simpsons and Wes Anderson's film Island of the dogs, as well as original films such as Help me (by Justin Lin, director of Fast and the Furious), by Aardman Animation Special delivery, and pearl – who has been nominated for the best animated short film at the Oscars 2017.

Google refused to say why he was closing the studio, but in a statement made to The edge says to be proud of the work done by the team during the life of the studio.

"Since its creation, Spotlight Stories has been trying to rethink the story in virtual reality. From ambitious short films such as Son of Jaguar, Sonaria and Back to The Moon to critical praise for Pearl (winner of an Emmy and first Oscar nominated VR movie), the Spotlight Stories team has left a lasting impact on immersive storytelling. We are proud of the work done by the team over the years. "

Variety indicates that the studio's permanent employees should be offered other roles within Google.

Originally, Spotlight Stories was producing 360 videos exclusively on the manufacturer's Android phones, but became part of Google after Motorola's acquisition of the system, in 2011, for $ 12.5 billion. dollars. In 2015, the studio's films became more widely available after the release of its application. on Android devices other than Motorola, iOS and the 360-degree YouTube movie platform.

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