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Google Deploys Revised News Tab for Computer Search

Google's desktop web search has seen a lot of visual updates in recent weeks. The last is a substantial overhaul from the News tab that does a better job of highlighting titles and editors.

Ad by Google News Initiative on Twitter, the updated design corresponds to the "News" tab that allows you to filter search results based on current articles in publications. An important addition is a carousel that notes what "People are looking for too".

Over the next two weeks we will be releasing a redesigned News tab in Desktop Search. The new design highlights the names of publishers and organizes the articles more clearly to help you find the news you need.

Common element in the main view of the search, each card has a cover image, a title and a time. Readers can browse and tap the top right arrow to see more, which is reminiscent of Google News topics.

Individual floors benefit greatly from increased spacing and are no longer stacked on top of each other. Presented as cards with pale gray outlines, an image appears on the right, while the entire title is included. This format also allows for more insight.

However, this redesign is to the detriment of fewer links per page, the articles In Depth or Opinion associated not appearing at the same frequency under an article. However, it's much better for readability and for browsing the results.

The redesign of the "News" tab of Google.fr will be launched over the next two weeks.

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