Google employees raise more than $ 100,000 in contributions for the strike fund


A major Google employee said today that workers have pledged more than US $ 100,000 to fund a strike fund, following more information on the company's controversial projects. in China.

Earlier today, L & # 39; interception has released a new report on Google's plans to create a censored search engine in China. The report described in detail the leaders' response to internal dissent about the project and included concerns from engineers who claimed to feel that the security and privacy process had been set aside.

In response, Liz Fong-Jones, representative of workers and employees of Google, said on Twitter that Google employees should think about how they would react if leaders exceeded the recommendations of the security team and confidentiality. "Google S & P teams must have our backs," she wrote.

The considerations, she wrote, should include "thinking about what a strike fund would look like and what a mutual support fund for massive resignation would look like, especially to provide coverage for H1B visas." ". and in just a few hours, she said that $ 100,000 had been promised. She told The Verge shortly thereafter that the current 19,000 employees and two alumni had pledged $ 115,000.

"Agreement, the $ 100,000 was collected," Fong-Jones wrote in a tweet. "Watch this space for more details once I talk to more experienced legal counsel and union organizers."

Employee dissent has tarnished Google in recent weeks, not just about the project in China. Earlier this month, more than 20,000 employees left the city to protest the sexual harassment that the company had suffered as a result of a bomb. New York Times report. In response, the company accepted some of the workers' claims, but not all. However, employees who create a strike fund suggest that company workers are far from being organized.

Update, 7:24 pm ET: includes new data from Fong-Jones.

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