Google forms an external board to encourage the "responsible IA"


Current advisors include academics who specialize in the technical aspects of AI (such as computer mathematics and drones), as well as experts in ethics, privacy and political politics. There is also an international orientation, with people going as far as Hong Kong and South Africa.

ATEAC will hold its first meeting in April and expects three more in 2019. Although they will play clearly in the development process of Google, the company will publish summaries of its interviews and encourage its members to share information "generalizable" with their partners. existing organizations. The goal is to improve the information technology sector as a whole, not just Google's work.

The creation of this board follows Google 's promise to adopt ethical AI in the wake of controversy over its involvement in the US Army' s Project Maven drone initiative. Indeed, Google tries to avoid repeating the story by asking the board to question its decisions.

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