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Google Home app launches color controls for smart lights

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Chris Monroe / CNET

The Google Home app is becoming more and more useful. As of version 2.9, you can use the application to change the color of compatible files. smart light bulbs.

A year ago, the application was mainly used to configure your Google Home smart speakers. A updated in the fall added to the application of well-organized orders for the smart home that mirrored those found on Google's smart screens. You can see all your connected gadgets organized by room and control them with a touch. Now, these touch controls become more robust.

You've long been able to change the color of your voice-activated light bulbs to any device with Google Assistant, such as the Google Home Hub Smart View. If you did not want to talk, you had to go to the individual Philips Hue or Lifx applications to change the color of your bulbs. The latest version of the Google Home app allows you to control both of them from one place.

As before, you can also turn on or off your smart lights and change their brightness with the application. You can organize your lights in rooms and control them all at the same time.

The update code was spotted Monday by 9to5Google, who also noted a recently added support for the next release. Lenovo Smart Clock. The Smart Clock will offer a lighter version of the Lenovo Smart Display customized for your bedside table. He has to go out this spring.

The updated Google Home app has not yet touched my Android phone, but it's live on my colleague's iPhone. A Google representative confirmed by email to CNET that the update was officially launched on Wednesday and that it should be broadcast live throughout the day.

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