Google is about to unveil a major gaming initiative: here's what we know


It is unlikely that Google makes a game console as powerful as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, or even a console as powerful as the Nintendo Switch, but it must create some kind of hardware for its service to work on a TV.

Most likely, Google publishes a very inexpensive hardware that allows access to a game broadcast library – a sleek device that looks like Chromecast rather than a stunning device similar to a PS4.

This device could potentially allow Bluetooth gaming tablets to run on a TV and access Google's streaming service. It can be as small as a Chromecast or as big as a decoder. This could come with a Google gamepad, or something else, or nothing at all!

We just do not know for now. Google has not yet confirmed that a device is being processed.

We can assume, however, that Google does not manufacture a powerful game console to compete with home consoles. Why this? We would have heard about it! Between the costs of research and development, the commercial contracts associated with game makers and material production, these things are leaking.

Look no further than the current generation of home gaming consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, all of which sank heavily before launch, along with many "secret" hardware projects.


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