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Google is reshaping its "News" tab by putting more emphasis on titles and publisher names.

Google is currently rolling out an update to the News tab of its desktop search feature, with a new design that sacrifices the density of information for clarity.

The new design, announced by the company in a tweet, brings the look of the News tab closer to that of the dedicated Google News site. News stories are now displayed as maps rather than as a list, making titles and publisher names more important. It also seems that the company groups the articles more clearly. Therefore, if you are looking for a larger subject (such as "MLB"), it will be easier to distinguish different types of coverage.

The change itself is relatively minor, but it is part of Google's broader effort to improve its information products. The technology giant's processing of information sometimes seems like an afterthought, as the content of the company allows its search and aggregation capabilities to accumulate content. But the concern over digital news has grown in recent years, as publishers worry about declining revenues and experts warning against the proliferation of poor quality sources.

Google's response has been multiple. He formed partnerships with local press organizations; created new mechanisms that allow users to subscribe more easily to publishers; set up programs to fight false news; and relaunched its own dedicated News app with new artificial intelligence features. This is an intense activity, although it is unclear whether any of these programs will change the fundamental dynamics of the current media landscape, as technology platforms continue to reduce publishers' revenues while pushing users towards dubious publishers.

The updated News tab will be extended to users around the world in the coming weeks.

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