Google is starting to replace the full phone unlocking 'Voice Match'.


With the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL, Google has removed the ability for Voice Match to act as a password and to completely unlock your phone. At CES 2019, Google announced that this new behavior would affect all Android devices, with the start of changes.

Instead of a complete unlocking of the device, voice matching recognition on phones and tablets can now only provide "personal results" from the wizard, such as e-mails and e-mail entries. ; agenda. The complete list of answers – in the form of a verbal or visual map – includes:

  • Email, including personal Gmail results like flight bookings and invoices
  • Google Calendar
  • contacts
  • Reminders
  • Aids to memory
  • Shopping lists

Without entering pin, password or fingerprint, users can now only interact with the wizard's interface on the lock screen . This form of limited access is indicated by a lock icon at the top of the screen. In the past, users – once their voice recognized – could press the home button and return to the unlocked home screen after a simple command such as "Ok Google, check the weather ".

New voice match

This is a possible problem because voice matching is not an absolutely secure form of authentication. The change also has the advantage of synchronizing Voice Match – now a wizard function – with Google Home speakers and dynamic screens.

From a security point of view, this new behavior makes sense, but there are some disadvantages after using several months on a pixel 3. Notably, to issue a voice command for something as simple as "playing of music ", you have to unlock a device. This change is a chore and avoids the use of hands-free controls, but is ultimately for the better.

This depreciation of "Unlock with Voice Match" is being deployed via a server-side update, but we have already seen it with Google App 9.27 (the current stable version) on a Moto Z and a pixel XL. The other devices we checked with Google App 9.31 have not yet lost the full unlocking of the voice.

Old Voice Match

When this deprecation is deployed on your device, go to Google Settings Assistant> Wizard tab> Device List Wizard> and Phone will reveal that the toggle "Unlock with Voice Match" has been changed to "Personal Results". "Lock screen".

In previous versions of APK Insights, we spotted a prompt that users had to see before this "replacement" spread widely. At the same time, in early January, Google said that this "feature will be available on all Android devices in the coming weeks".

"The voicemail feature to unlock that you were using has been replaced with a more secure way to get personal results when your device is locked.You can change this in your wizard settings"

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