Google Keep puts notes on your Apple Watch

The latest version of Google Keep for iOS, released last night, includes an Apple Watch app for the first time. Keep the first Google app back to the watch since cleaning Google Maps in 2017.

The simple application has a main screen that lists the 10 most recent user notes, presented in the form of maps. Users can create new notes and lists by dictating or using the "doodle" function to write letters on the dial. Of course, you can also add emoji. Users can add more items to existing lists, but they can not add existing notes.

This initial release is basic, but it's an unexpected addition because Google has not supported monitoring outside of its unique application, Google Maps. It is also important since the Apple note taking application, Notes, does not work with Apple Watch. Although apps such as Bear help fill the void, the widespread use of Google products allows many people to find it convenient.

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