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Google launches again in social networks with Shoelace

Area 120, Google's internal incubator, is currently working on a new social networking application called Shoelace, which aims to organize local events and activities. You use it by indicating your interests in the application, allowing it to recommend a series of "selected" local activities, called "loops." You can also organize your own events. There is also a map interface to display and confirm. The loops of others.

The smooth launch of Shoelace comes just a few months after Google+ shut down Google, its most important attempt to create a social media platform. However, rather than trying to create a new comprehensive social network to compete with Facebook, Shoelace seems to have much more modest ambitions that target Facebook's ubiquitous event functionality.

There is a map interface to view and confirm events.
Image: Google

Android font note that Shoelace has a striking similarity with Schemer, another experimental event organized by Google for the event application launched in 2011. Unfortunately, the application was closed only three years later in 2014, and few people cried.

Shoelace is currently in the test phase on iOS and Android, but you can fill out this form if you want to get involved. You must have a Google Account to sign in. Unfortunately, it is only available in New York at the moment; The team said it hopes to expand soon in other US cities. It is unclear when this could happen, but an application similar to the one centered on NYC, Zone 120, Pigeon, has not yet been deployed outside the city more than a year after its initial launch.

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