Google launches the new TLD .dev

Google .dev TLD

Seeking to host those who helped build the Web, Google has launched a new top-level domain.

The new .dev TLD comes after the company launched the .app and .page applications, all of which are protected by HTTPS. Google has already used the TLD for some of its own projects, such as and, but is now open to a wider audience.

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Announcing the new top-level domain, Google says, "Developers, designers, writers, and architects – you've created the web, you're allowing billions of people online to do what they do now." only to find out if it's not available today, Google Registry announces the launch of .dev, a brand new top-level domain dedicated to developers and technology. dev will be a new home for you your communities, discover the latest technologies and present your projects – all with a perfect domain name.

If you want to secure a .dev domain, you can register through the Early Access program. It starts at 8:00 am today until the end of the month. As of February 28th, TLDs will be available from registration offices. Google works with multiple partners and rates are available on

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