Google Maps tests new security feature for taxi passengers


It seems that Google is testing a new security feature for Google Maps, which will warn you if your car or taxi deviates more than 500 meters from its route. The feature was spotted for the first time by XDA developers, and it seems to be exclusive to India at the moment. "Out of Route Alerts" are available in the "Stay Safe" menu; the menu is accessible once you have selected your destination, but before you switch to navigation mode.

As Google attributes this option, it is clear that out-of-route alerts are considered a security function and serve as a warning signal if a taxi driver does not take you directly to your destination for any reason. There are many legitimate reasons not to borrow the specific route that Google has given you (for example, an unexpected congestion whose application ignores the existence), but it can be very useful for you. 39, warn a passenger of any changes. This feature will undoubtedly also be welcomed by all taxi drivers who take a long drive while the passenger travels to an unknown city.

It is unclear whether the security feature is close to a complete release or whether it will be available worldwide or specific to the Indian market. Just last week, Google introduced two features of Google Maps specific to India: one provides better information on public transport and the other, flood warnings in the country. We have contacted Google for more information and will update this item with its response.


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