Google now owns Fitbit | Engadget

It’s not yet clear exactly how Fitbit will change under Google ownership; So far, it looks like the brand will continue to be separate from Google. That’s how it turned out when Google bought Nest as well – the smart home brand eventually lost its status as a separate company and is just a sub-brand of Google’s hardware division. When the deal was first announced, Osterloh noted that the deal was an opportunity for the company to create wearable devices “Made by Google”, and Osterloh and Park’s comments made it sound like that future devices would run Google’s own Wear OS software. Whether that means Fitbit’s software will be completely replaced by Google’s on future devices remains to be seen.

Fitbit didn’t take off last year, releasing the Sense fitness watch in September. It’s probably the most advanced device Fitbit has made so far, adding a host of new health tracking features like EDA and skin temperature sensors, as well as a heart rate sensor. update. The Sense also has much better battery life than Samsung and Apple Watches, although it is also much slower when launching apps or using its interface. The Sense also has the distinction of being the last major Fitbit product released before the Google takeover, so now we’re going to see how long it takes before Google’s influence starts showing in new products.

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