Google offers a cheap cell service? Here are the facts on Google Fi

Go ahead, name a few large companies offering cellular service. We probably think of AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Now you can add Google to this list.

Google recently announced that Fi SIM cards would be available for purchase in more than 500 Best Buy stores nationwide. It seems that Google Fi is finally ready to be used by everyone, and almost everyone can participate.

From the start, Fi is an attractive service that focuses on prices. By the way, if you have not bought your current package with discounts, tap or click here to get the best mobile phone plans offered by major operators.

So what is Fi? How does it work and how is it different from any traditional phone service? Before trying this dark horse carrier, here is a brief overview of its advantages and disadvantages.

While we are on the subject, you may be curious to know how to change your mobile phone provider, period to point.

Here's what you need to know about Google Fi

Some phones are specifically designed to work with Google Fi, such as Google Pixel. Other phones are compatible with Google Fi, although most are not. You'll benefit from more features with Fi phones, including what Google calls "smart" switching between three LTE networks and Wi-Fi access points.

You can check if Fi serves your neighborhood. You just typed your address on Fi – – it will tell you if you are covered and if you are using a Fi phone or compatible model.

The Fi site maintains a directory of compatible phones, including pixels and models from other manufacturers. You will notice that some phones are still in the beta stage, including iPhones.

You could save money with Google Fi

Fi's mission is simple. You can order a free SIM card from the Fi site or buy one for $ 10 at Best Buy. Then you choose your package: $ 20 per month for unlimited phone calls and texting and $ 15 per additional line.

For every GB of data you use, you spend $ 10 a month. Google will not charge you if you exceed 6 GB per month, but will slow down your data when you exceed 15 GB. The idea is to prevent you from spending more than your budget.

If you travel abroad, you will love Fi. You pay the same price for the data if you connect in more than 200 countries. You also have free and unlimited text messages. Phone calls in other countries are served by Fi at $ 0.20 per minute when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

How to get to Fi

The conversion to Fi can be handled almost entirely on its website. Once you visit the site, you will find the Join button. You will be prompted to choose your phone, whether you use your current phone or purchase a new model specifically designed for Fi.

To make sure your phone is compatible, you will be prompted to enter the brand, model, and service provider for your phone. Or you can select the Fi phone you want to buy.

After choosing your phone, you will need to choose a plan. It's $ 20 for calls and SMS, then you choose your data plan.

You will need to contact your current carrier to disconnect your service once the Google Fi switchover has been confirmed.

Should you go to Fi?

For Fi or not Fi? If your phone is compatible with the Google Fi network and the packages look like an agreement and you're the type to like the first users, it makes sense to go for help. If you are like me and you prefer to wait to see how it behaves, I stay where I am at the moment.

That said, Fi requires you to overcome obstacles. You will need to change your own SIM card and you may need to detach yourself from your current carrier and unlock your "Big-Four" phone. If you do not use a lot of cellular data and want to experiment with new technologies, Fi can be a prudent choice.

One last thought: Most of us use Google for email, entertainment and virtual workflows. Entire companies have entrusted Google with piles of personal data and document storage. Many of us will think twice before using Google as cell support.

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