Google Photos app update finally makes it enjoyable to use on your Chromebook

I’ll be the first to tell you that I never use the Google Photos app on my Chromebook. Phone? Yes, all the time, actually. But on a bigger screen, the bloated phone interface has long trumped the more elegant web interface for me. Of course, editing isn’t as good on the web and there are a few niceties that you miss out on, but for the general activities of viewing, sharing, and making albums that I tend to use Google for. Photos, the web has been fine.

A new Android app update might change that for me and, if you’re like me, so too. While it may be account-based at the moment, it looks like a new user-friendly app interface for Google Photos rolled out in the latest update and I’m really enjoying my Chromebook’s new layout.

The biggest change is moving the navigation elements to the left side of the screen as seen on the desktop. It’s not a huge difference, but it helps unify the feel of the service when comparing web and app interfaces. Overall, the app now feels more comfortable on a big screen, which means more users could keep it. For managing media content on your device, keeping things backed up, and doing quick photo edits and basic cuts on videos, the Google Photos app is pretty nice to have on a Chromebook.

Google Photos on the web (left) and the Android app (right)

Google Photos on the web (left) and the Android app (right)

What all of this really gives me is full Google Photos integration in the form of a PWA that is built right into Chrome OS. I would love to be able to access my photos directly from my Files app and I would like web-based Google Photos to have all the editing tools that the Android app has. While waiting for that reality to materialize, it’s nice to have an Android app that works equally well on the desktop, is fairly easy to navigate, and has more powerful editing tools for Chromebook users with touchscreens. and USI pens.

SOURCE: 9to5 Google

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