Google plans to synchronize Bluetooth headset pairing on your devices.


Google goes a step further to make Bluetooth headsets and speakers easier to pair with Android. Now your Google Account can remember the Fast Pair compatible earphones you've used and automatically transfer the connection to another phone.

Fast Pair is not a new Android feature: it was launched in October of last year. However, adoption has been slow, even with JayBirds producing some Fast Pair headsets. Today's announcement on Google also announces increased support from Anker and even Bose. To go even further, Google will also present the Fast Pair application to Chromebooks next year with the same features.

As before, activating Fast Pair compatible headphones or speakers will automatically generate a pop-up window on your Android 6.0+ phone, speeding up the pairing process. With this update, your Google Account will remember the earphones you've paired with, and then send the information to other smartphones you're signed in to. Apple AirPods follow a nearly identical pairing process, including synchronization with an Apple ID for inter-device transfer.

The standard functionality of high-end Bluetooth headphones, especially since the number of phones with headphone jack is decreasing and USB-C headphones are gradually taking their place.


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