Google Play closes Artist Hub while Play Music merges with YouTube Music


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Google Play's Artist Hub no longer accepts new registrations and is expected to close on April 30th. This service, which allows the smallest independent artists to view and sell their music on Google Play Store and Google Play Music, redirects new users to YouTube for artists. .

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but told 9to5Google that this initiative was part of its plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music.

"In anticipation of this change, we will close the artist center," the company told 9to5Google.

According to its support page, YouTube Music allows artists to take advantage of YouTube analytics, connect with fans, promote tours, and sell tickets, among other things.

YouTube Music was relaunched last May as a streaming $ 10 music streaming service. As part of this change, Google Play Music, which shares a parent company with YouTube, will eventually be closed. At a briefing, Google said it would reduce the gap between the two services so that users do not lose functionality, including a cascading MP3 storage.

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