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Last month, Google announced that it would encourage European users to use other web browsers and search engines available on Android to further comply with the continent's antitrust decision. Behind the scenes, this "choice" will be managed by the Google Play Store.

The 14.3.18 version of Play Store this morning contains several channels related to "new updates" that Google implements in Android after the reactions of the European Commission.

We will now do more to make Android phone owners aware of the large selection of browsers and search engines that can be downloaded to their phones. This will involve asking users of existing and new Android devices in Europe which browsers and search applications they want to use.

Google Play will be responsible for informing users of "additional web browsers" and "additional search services" for devices. This Play Store collection is likely to feature Google Chrome alongside Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, while DuckDuck Go and Bing will likely also be included in Google Search.

You can choose additional search services for your device.

You can choose additional web browsers for your device.

In 2017, Russia asked Chrome for Android to present a search engine to users with an in-app prompt, while last month Google added DuckDuckGo as the default option in 60 countries.

Already installed on this device:

Description of this application

This dialog box will indicate which applications are "Already installed on this device" and will help you "configure your new applications" as the default system configuration. Current users and new users of Android should be invited to make this selection in the coming months. The exact implementation is not yet known, with possible options including a banner at the top of the Play Store or even a full-screen user interface that users can not work around without finishing.

Google's "eu_choice" is very similar to the page that Microsoft was to show to Windows users in 2010 as a result of another antitrust case. Google is currently appealing the $ 5 billion fine, but complied with the October ruling by no longer forcing manufacturers to sign a compatibility agreement preventing fragmentation and introducing new license models.

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