Google put a microphone in Nest Secure and forgot to tell anyone

"[It] should have been included in the technical specifications. It was an error on our part, "said a spokesman for the company. Internal business. This is the latest in a series of privacy related gaffes for the company. This year alone, Google has been fined $ 57 million in France for its opaque data consent policies. This was followed by critics of smart home companies accusing it, and Amazon, of asking for material information without interruption.

For its part, Google adds that the Nest Guard microphone has never been activated and users must activate it before talking to it. The microphone was initially included in the anticipation of future security updates, such as the ability to detect broken glass.

In particular, Nest canceled its plans to build its own smart speaker in March 2016 because it did not believe that privacy-conscious consumers would contact a Google-linked virtual assistant. Two months later, Google announced the wizard, but it would take about two years before starting to incorporate artificial intelligence to Nest products, starting with the domestic version of the Cam IQ in February 2018.

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