Google restricts Huawei's access to Android after Trump's order


LONDON – Chinese tech giant Huawei began Monday to feel the painful repercussions of a Trump administration order banning US companies from selling components and software to the company.

Huawei said Google cut access to support for many Android software and hardware services. In response to last week's announcement in Washington, the move could block Huawei, the world's second largest smartphone maker, if it ultimately limited access to the latest versions of popular Google services, such as and Gmail.

Google said its services would continue to run on existing Huawei devices. "We are complying with the order and looking at the consequences," said the American company. Google's decision to halt work with Huawei has been reported for the first time by Reuters.

In isolating Huawei, the Trump administration aggravates a trade dispute with Beijing and harms a company that US authorities have long accused of posing a risk to national security – accusations that Huawei vehemently denied. After struggling to convince allies such as Britain and Germany to block the use of Huawei's telecommunications equipment, the Trump administration is now undermining Huawei's activities by denying it access to key US suppliers , including chip makers.

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