Google sends out new invitations to join the “Pixel Superfans”

Google has been running a “community” of the Pixel’s “biggest fans” since at least 2019 – if not earlier. Earlier this week, Made by Google launched a new round of invitations to join “Pixel Superfans”.

According to an email we saw, the invitation to join Google’s Pixel Superfans community was sent through the usual [email protected] address used for marketing new products and quarterly features, as well as the message “Welcome to your new Pixels [model]”Introduction with tips after setting up a phone.

The post touts “access to special Google events”. One recent event, according to social media posts from those in attendance, was a visit to the Chelsea Google Store a day before it opened. Meanwhile, the company hosted a “Pixel Special Event” in Mountain View the day after Made by Google 2019, where people had a hands-on opportunity and the chance to “meet the people behind”.

The ‘perks’ are also touted, with Superfans receiving deconstructed Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and 5 prints last year as a holiday giveaway. Finally, the email cites question-and-answer sessions with product teams and the “opportunity to tell [Google] what matters most to you ”ie providing direct feedback.

This week’s email links to a form that, among other questions, asks you which Made by Google products you own. Along with Pixel phones and headphones, options include Nest smart displays and Home speakers, as well as Chromecast, Google / Nest Wifi, and Stadia.

The membership criteria are not clear and may be based on the number of Pixel phones you own.

In terms of logistics, Pixel Superfans operates on Facebook groups. Such official fan communities are common, HTC Elevate being a historical example, while Qualcomm hosts a rather public “Snapdragon Insiders” program. This has led to a “Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders” which is more or less an existing device with a few tweaks.

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