Google Stadia video game controller unveiled at GDC 2019

At the Game Developers Conference, Google unveiled its exciting vision for the future of video games: a cloud-based streaming service called Stadia, which provides instant access to games on Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets and tablets. televisions. In other words, it is a platform accessible through devices that you may already have. It will also be compatible with keyboards and other input devices. However, Google will also launch its own Stadia controller, and we now know what it looks like and how it works. In short, it is a big problem and there is a lot to know about it.

The Stadia controller has been introduced to the GDC in three different colors. It connects to Google's servers via Wi-Fi and identifies the screen you want to play on. In addition to the standard input lineup, it also features two unique buttons: one allows you to capture and share a game and record it on YouTube, while the other is a Google Assistant button, which allows access to the controller's built-in microphone to get the game. Board. And in a fun reference, the back of the controller houses the Konami code.

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Streaming technology behind Stadia is identical to that used in last year's Project Stream test, when Google partnered with Ubisoft to broadcast Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free via a Chrome browser. The company has made other big changes in the video game space, recently recruiting Jade Raymond, best known for his work at Ubisoft and EA. Raymond will lead Stadia Games and Entertainment, a new studio specializing in game development exclusively for Stadia.

Stadia will be launched later this year. It will be available for the first time in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and "most countries in Europe". Google has not released pricing details for the service or its controller, but it promises to reveal more information this summer, including which games will be available at launch "and beyond."

An important detail that we do not know beyond specific prices is how you will buy games: will they be available through a subscription or as a standard game purchase? That remains to be seen, although we know that Doom Eternal is coming into the stadium. Odyssey also featured prominently in the GDC speech. Ubisoft, the publisher of the latter, seems to be a big supporter of Stadia. When we spoke with Yves Guillemot, CEO of GDC, he suggested that there could be several ways to buy Stadia games.

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