Google states that no one should ever buy Pixel at launch

Google Pixel phones are far from perfect, but they are improving year after year. Despite various flaws, they remain some of our favorite phones on the market. However, with the Pixel 3, Google has made it clear that almost nobody should never buy one of his phones at launch.

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Hardware and software issues are usually solved over time

It would not be a pixel pitch without a handful of apparent hardware and software issues. This happened on all Pixel phones, but we've seen a surprising number with Pixel 3.

From camera problems to charging issues, Google has a long list of bugs to fix in future updates. Fortunately, many of the issues that affect users are already resolved. This means, however, that those who will buy the phone later (probably) will never meet them. On the contrary, only people who bought the device in the first two months will experience these major problems.

The same thing can be said about most cameras, but with the Pixel, it seems like an ongoing event. Google's quality control misses out on things that just should not be tested. It's a shame.

Another point, which is probably an even bigger problem, is that if you break your Pixel shortly after buying it, you're not very lucky. Like our own Kyle Bradshaw The hard way, Google and its partners are basically unable to repair a pixel defective in the first few weeks after its launch.

The discounts and promotions of Pixel 3 were a kick for anyone who bought early

Apart from the bugs and problems, however, the real reason nobody should ever buy a Pixel at launch is the promotions. It is not uncommon for telecommunication companies and even companies to offer rebates in one way or another for various reasons relating to new hardware. However, with the Pixel 3, Google basically took a baseball bat in the face of everyone who bought their camera on the first day.

Not even a full month after the Pixel 3 started being delivered to users, Google's Black Friday sale saved up to $ 200 on the price of an unlocked device. In addition, BOGO discounts have saved up to $ 450 on the cost of multiple pixels in a single order. The Verizon and Best Buy discounts also saved up to $ 400 on the cost of this brand new device.

Only days after these sales, Google offers another important promotion for Pixel. Anyone who signs up for Google Fi and buys a device via Google, including the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, offers travel credits. Up to $ 999, Google will match the cost of your new phone with gift cards from various travel sites. This is not a perfect offer for everyone, but it is a seriously impressive promotion.

Why should someone be an early adopter?

Every phone will have its early adopters. These people may also have various reasons. For some, this can be as simple as trying to get the latest phone as quickly as possible. For others, it's the thrill of getting this new product first – think of the iPhone's lines on launch day. Among the early users, a relatively small number also includes those who, like me and the rest of the 9to5Google team, buy these phones early in the interest of our jobs.

Like any business, Google knows that many people are part of this group. It also helps them to get an idea of ​​the popularity of a new device. It also gives these users, usually huge fans who pay close attention, the opportunity to report problems that quality control may have missed.

The problem is that with the Google Pixel 3 promotions and discounts this year, the company sends a clear message to users: stop buying early phones. Of course, you could feel good if you get this new phone before everyone else, but I'm willing to bet that for the vast majority of users, this feeling is not worth hundreds of dollars.

Next year, I will wait for the purchase of my Pixel 4 and I suggest you do the same.

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