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Google tests dark mode for web content in Chrome for Android

Dark interface modes seem to be in vogue nowadays. Although there has always been a group of users who prefer dark interfaces and designs to clear designs, it seems that software publishers are just starting to introduce dark themes into their programs.

Google is working on a dark theme for Chrome and YouTube, Microsoft is adding dark mode support to more and more Windows 10 applications, there is a night mode on Twitter and Firefox also offers a dark native theme.

Google's work of integrating a dark design for the company's Chrome browser continues, but this does not prevent the company from experimenting with other dark mode options .

The recent version of Chrome Canary for Android comes with a new experimental indicator to enable dark mode. This time, however, not for the browser UI, but for the web content.

Note that experimental indicators may or may not be included natively in the browser, for example as an option. They can be removed at any time without notice.

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Changing the color scheme of light to dark websites is not new. Firefox users can install an extension such as Blackout in 2009 to change the color scheme of a site, while Chrome users can invert colors on sites with Hacker Vision.

The Chrome experience "Dark Mode of Android Web Content" allows to enable dark modes for all visited sites. In fact, you get an inverted mode that seems to reverse the color scheme of the site.

So, if you visit a bright site, it becomes dark, but if you visit a dark site, it becomes darker.

The native implementation of Google in Chrome for Android reverses the colors everywhere. This means that the function not only reverses the colors of text, menus and background, but also the majority of images.

Some elements are not reversed. If you watch videos on YouTube or any other streaming site, you will notice that they play with their original colors and not reversed.

Setting up

This feature is only available in Chrome for Android at the moment.

  1. Load chrome: // flags in the Chrome address bar.
  2. Look for the dark mode of Android web content (or just the dark mode).
  3. Switch the status of the experiment to On.
  4. Restart the Chrome browser.

Closing words

There is definitely a market for extensions that change the colors of the sites. I do not know if the niche is big enough for Google to implement the feature natively in its Android browser.

The feature requires at least one toggle to disable it on specific sites.

Now, it's your turn: Would you like to see such a feature in your mobile browser? (via Caschy's blog)


Google tests dark mode for web content in Chrome for Android

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Google tests dark mode for web content in Chrome for Android

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Google is currently testing a new dark mode for web content in Chrome for Android that automatically changes site colors.


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