Google to GDC 2019: "Netflix for games" on PS5 and Nintendo Switch


Google will host a mysterious conference at the Game Developers Conference, also known as the GDC, later today. The American company has promised to "unveil Google's vision for the future of games", giving the impression that we are finally will see the results of his long-rumored streaming project.

The service, code-named Yeti in the company, has been equated with a "Netflix for gaming" and will allow players to stream from a large library of titles for a monthly fee. Because the processing will be handled on remote servers, video games can be played on devices far beyond the specifications of their home console rivals, such as the Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

As a result, Google could allow players to play console-quality titles on mobile devices such as the Pixel 3 XL and Pixel Slate, as well as its popular Chromecast HDMI dongle. Google has already explored the possibility. Last year, during a test, the company based in Mountain View allowed users to stream continuously Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free in his Google Chrome web browser on Mac and PC.

Before the presentation of the GDC 2019 later in the day, illustrations of a Google brand video game controller were presented in a new patent. Although the official patent relates to a controller notification system that warns players when a new title is available, when a new invitation has been received, or when there is a new request for discussion, the document contains a series of illustrations. of the controller. .

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These illustrations formed the basis of a series of high resolution renderings developed by Twitter users. @Reps, which reveal what the finished product might look like. The resulting controller is square and uses the red, yellow, green and blue colors of the Google logo.

The controller has a small button with a microphone icon, which suggests that voice commands or voice chat will play an important role. It seems likely that Google Assistant will play an important role, given the importance given to other Google products.

As always, it's worth taking all this with a pinch of salt of appropriate size. Google will present today its presentation at GDC 2019 at 17:00 Paris time. T3 will have all the latest news on the eve, so stay tuned.

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