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Google unveils its news tab on desktop search pages with a new look

Google's search results pages are a big problem when trying to track the world: for many people, it's the fastest way to find stories on topics that interest them. The search giant is rearranging this section on desktops – where it seems cluttered and hard to scan – to align with its mobile counterpart and improve readability.

According to Google News Initiative tweet, each link will have its own map, allowing more space. For example, if you search for "Women's Football World Cup", news reports from leading news outlets will appear as boxes, and other links will have their individual cards – as opposed to a jumble of links as you've seen them. 39; habit.

You can also click on each map to see the preview of the story. Press the play button of the embedded video in the tweet to take a closer look.

Publishers will also eventually benefit from the redesign because it now has prominent links and the publication name for each article. In addition, the map layout displays the full title instead of displaying it up to a certain character limit, as shown in the screen capture below.

TIt is expected that the update will be deployed for a few weeks, so the design of the updated page may take a long time.

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