Google wants Tasks to handle all your reminders


When the time you have specified for a specific entry arrives, a calendar notification is triggered on the desktop. You will also receive a notification on your Android or iOS device through the Tasks app. And if you forget to mark the entry as completed, you will receive a second notification at 9 o'clock the next day.

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In addition, you can now import reminders from Inbox or Gmail, Calendar, and Assistant. The Tasks mobile application displays a prompt asking if you want to import existing reminders when you enable it, but you can also do it manually. Simply go to the overflow menu in the Calendar Tasks option and choose "Copy Reminders to Tasks". Just note that there is a single import and that these entries will not be synchronized with their counterparts from other G Suite programs when you edit them. After all, Google applies these changes to encourage you to use tasks for everyone. your reminders.

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