Google will close the Gmail inbox on April 2


Google will stop the application "Inbox by Gmail" on April 2, confirmed the company to the users of the courier application.

In September, Google announced that it would close the application by the end of March 2019, but has not yet set a specific date.

However, as noted on Reddit, application users began yesterday to be informed that this would "disappear within 15 days", which is April 2 as the end date.

Inbox by Gmail was an experimental messaging application, providing users with features such as repeated email monitoring for later verification, smart response, high priority notifications, and more.

According to Google, over the four years of the app's life, she "has learned a lot about improving email", adding some of the most popular features of the inbox directly into her primary Gmail client, to which the company is directing existing users.

To help users transition from Inbox to Gmail, Google has created a guide on its support website. According to Google, the new Gmail, launched in April, will be a good home for former Inbox users because it incorporates many of the same features as the Inbox, in addition to news.

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