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Google will now directly offer the RCS features instead of waiting for the operators

What do you want to know

  • Google will soon be offering RCS features directly to Android phones.
  • Integration is coming first in the UK and France later this month.
  • This means that Google no longer needs to wait for operators to support the standard messaging.

In April 2018, Google unveiled its new messaging plans using RCS technology. Through its Messages app, cooked under a platform called "Chat," Google would allow Android users to enjoy an enriched email experience without having to download a third-party application – essentially the Google version. d & # 39; iMessage.

The problem, however, is that it has not been easy to get RCS to support OEMs and suppliers. While you can use RCS Chat on some operators such as Google Fi, other companies such as AT & T do not support it. However, Google is now preparing to take things in hand and directly activate RCS on Android phones, regardless of their operator.

According to a report by The edgeGoogle will launch a feature later this month in the UK and France that will allow users to enable the RCS feature on their device in the blink of an eye.

Google has not yet specified the countries that will follow these first two projects and the speed with which it will develop this initiative, but at least, real steps are taken to ensure everyone has the best messaging experience possible.

According to the report:

The process will be opt-in. When users open the Android Messages application, they see a prompt that offers an upgrade to RCS Chat. This will also apply to new phones. RCS Chat will be in the default application and offered to each Android user, but for the moment, it is not expected to make it by default. Apple automatically connects users to iMessage, but Google will require an active choice.

You'll still need a phone that supports the RCS Univeral profile for it to work, but it's a big step forward from where we were yesterday.

On the security side, Google says it works. Currently, RCS Chat is not encrypted end-to-end, which means that Google could technically see the content of your messages. However, Sanaz Ahari, director of product management for Google Messages, said in a statement:

We fundamentally believe that communication, especially messaging, is highly personal and that users are entitled to the confidentiality of their communications. And we are fully committed to finding a solution for our users.

In addition, Google says that it will delete all messages from its servers as soon as they arrive on your phone. It's reassuring to hear, but it's not as safe as something like WhatsApp or Signal that has a proper end-to-end encryption built-in by default.

Although the proposed solution is not as elegant as that of iMessage, it is a big step forward for RCS Chat. The fact that users can actually use the features without having to worry about the compatibility of their operator is really exciting. We still have time to see Google deploy this switch around the world.

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