Google will present its game material next month


Google is preparing to enter the gaming market next month. The company announced earlier this week that it will hold a conference at the gaming developer conference on March 19th.

And now, some more details about the company's projects have been posted online. 9to5Google reports that Google will introduce new gaming hardware compatible with the company's new game streaming service. Google has already titillated its game broadcast service late last year, under the code name Yeti.

The company would show hardware compatible with GDC's new streaming service. The type of hardware used by Google on Yeti is not clear, but it could be a game console and a controller. Rumor has it that the material for Yeti was as simple as the Chromecast dongle, but it has apparently become a full-fledged gaming product.

Google has been in talks with several studios to bring existing titles to its new streaming service, at least for internal testing. This includes "a historically popular title" according to the 9to5google. The publication also reports that the next roadmap for the Yeti is already locked.

The streaming of games is going to be huge in the video game industry over the next few years. It is believed that all major technology companies are working on their own solutions, including Microsoft's xCloud streaming service, and even Apple would be looking for similar solutions.

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