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Google will update its news interface for search

Google brings another big change to the desktop search interface this year. The company introduced Material Design icons for parts of the search user interface in June, and is starting to roll out a new look for News on Search.

L & # 39; Company ad on Twitter that it is rolling out a new design over the next two weeks. The new design gives more space to the names of publishers and introduces a much better and better organized interface.

You can see the new interface below, and this seems to be a very good upgrade in terms of design. There is a grid of articles containing the main news, followed by individual cards for publisher articles. At present, the results are separated into different sections and it's frankly quite crowded, but the new interface solves the problem by introducing independent maps that allow News to focus on the publisher's name.

It's unclear whether the new News interface will affect news publisher traffic, but since each article now takes up more space, less popular publishers might start seeing their posts appear slightly lower on the results. . However, from the point of view of the user, I would say that the upgrade is really good because it removes a lot of clutter and organizes a lot better.

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