Google's .dev domain officially opens through any registrar


Google officially launches today its .dev top level domain (TLD).

The internet giant opened early access registrations to .dev domains last week, although the prices were astronomical at the start. The inaugural phase was more about letting companies choose the desired areas focused on developers. Moreover, they can only be registered via Google's registry system.

On February 19, the first day of launch, users could expect to spend more than $ 10,000 to register a .dev domain, which dropped to about $ 3,000 the next day and $ 200 the next day. Now everyone can buy their favorite .dev domain from 12 €. The official launch means that you are no longer limited to the Google service. You can register with any of the usual registration offices, such as GoDaddy.

Above: Buy a .dev domain from anywhere

As an exception, Google said it has "big plans" for the .dev domain, which includes assigning a .dev domain to anyone applying for its annual developer-driven I / O conference, which May is held this year.

"We will be moving more of our existing projects and launching interesting projects on .dev in the coming months," Adam Seligman, Google's vice president of developer relations, said in a blog post.

Many moons ago, developers were using in-house .dev domains to test their code, but ICANN then paved the way for a brand new TLD host. In 2015, Google launched an offer for the .dev domain, which led many developers to find themselves outside of their internal test environments.

A few years later, anyone, independent developer teams at Slack and GitHub, can now get their own .dev domain.

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