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Google's duplex calls still often require human intervention – TechCrunch

When Google launched Duplex with a demo at I / O last year, the audience wondered what part of the staging had taken place. The booking service based on the AI ​​seemed almost too impressive to be a machine. Now that it has been used for real-world bookings, Google has revealed that this is often not the case.

The company recently told the New York Times that duplex calls are still often made by human operators in call centers. About a quarter of calls begin with a human voice. Of the calls starting with machines, 15% require the intervention of a human.

Last year, Google had announced to us at a demonstration that humans would monitor the system, ready to take over if something went wrong. This is to be expected, of course. This kind of field test has been difficult because the company is trying to solve the problem now that the product is available for iOS and Android devices. But the 25% initiated by people seem a bit high for the advanced AI-based system.

Along with the initial driving test, Google is in a period of data collection for the service. While Duplex is extremely impressive in all respects (I have tried it and it is able to fool the listener for a quick reservation, if all goes well), the neural network requires a considerable amount of data to improve, even if it is limited to one task.

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