Google's Project Fi may soon support OnePlus, Samsung and iPhones


Although Google-backed Project Fi has been around for more than three years, the MVNO has never been widely available to consumers because of the limited number of supported devices. But according to Droid Lifewho spotted a BGR before its quick deletion, Project Fi is about to extend its reach significantly.

According to information, Google's mobile service will expand its lineup of supported Android devices later this week to include offers such as Samsung and OnePlus, as well as additional LG and Motorola models. However, it seems rather unexpected that Google finally wants to open its service to Apple's range of iPhone, although the exact models that will be compatible remain to be discovered.
At first glance, this information stems from a broken embargo. An official announcement on this subject is probably in a few days. If this is true, it could be accompanied by a slight name change. It has recently been reported that Google Fi would replace the current name of Project Fi.

While extended compatibility may appeal to those interested in the service, it is stated that "Project Fi's complete experience" is limited to devices sold through the official store. The details of this operation are still unclear for the moment, but this suggests that all compatible devices will not be able to seamlessly switch between T-Mobile and Sprint networks and Wi-Fi.


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