GOP Congress Announcement: "Bless Her Heart, She Has Terrible Ideas"

Less than three months after taking office, New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose popularity has plummeted in some recent polls, is already a prominent part of a candidate's next election campaign. at the GOP Congress.

The 30-second spot, obtained by Fox News and currently available on YouTube, features Michele Nix, candidate for the seat of the 3rd Congress Congress of North Carolina in the race to replace the late Republican Walter B. Jones Jr., died in February.

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: she has the media, she has the followers, but bless her heart, she has terrible ideas," said Nix. "Guaranteed government jobs for some, while eliminating small town jobs for others.His green deal is a bad deal for North Carolina."

Nix concludes, "I will stand up to socialism, Congress needs a good dose of conservative and mature common sense."


More than a dozen other Republicans and several Democrats have entered the district race, the first round being set for April 30 and the pitfalls tentatively scheduled for July 9 if needed. General elections will be held in July or September, depending on whether or not a second round is necessary.

Nix's publicity in the heavily Republican-dominated district made it clear that the next congressional campaigns would inspire President Trump's messages on Ocasio-Cortez and on socialism in general. During a humanitarian and political crisis in Venezuela, Trump has repeatedly sworn that "America will never be a socialist country", and his government has termed Ocasio-Cortez a politician without trust and confidence. which is above his head.

A Gallup poll released on Friday shows that Ocasio-Cortez's unfavorable rating has increased by 15 points since last September, when it had not yet won the parliamentary elections, from 26% to 41% of the vote. American adults surveyed.

Among the possible causes: The Green New Deal resolution presented by Ocasio-Cortez at the beginning of its year was hampered, including the publication by its office of an official document that promised economic security even to those who "refused to work ", as well as the elimination of" farting cows "and air travel. Prominent Democrats, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, criticized the plan.

And a poll recently released by Siena College shows that Ocasio-Cortez is considered the "biggest villain" of New York in regards to Amazon's decision to reject the city and to "get rid of it." abandon plans for a second seat in Long Island City. Ocasio-Cortez has repeatedly stated that Amazon received billions of dollars in cash donations from the city – even though it would have benefited from tax cuts to encourage them to build its headquarters. New York City Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly denounced the confusion on the subject for Ocasio-Cortez.


However, despite the setbacks of the Democrats and its constituents, the 29-year-old new Congressman also managed to increase her favorability score by even seven points. About 31% of respondents saw it favorably, compared with 24% in September, according to Gallup.

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans surveyed say they have seen it badly, with only 5% having a positive opinion. Among the Democrats, 56% of the respondents had a favorable opinion of Ocasio-Cortez, against only 15% of the Democrats questioned who do not support it.

Even some congressional Republicans admitted to admiring Ocasio-Cortez's keen political sense – and others warn that focusing too much on it could only make his profile stronger.

"Laughing Trump, as did the Liberals, certainly prevented him from becoming POTUS," said Twitter, right-wing activist Mike Cernovich at the end of last year. "Laughing AOC, as the idiots do, it sure does hurt him."

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