GOP leaders in Texas plan removal of Muslim member

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Republican leaders of one of Texas' most populous counties want to fire a vice president of the party because he is a Muslim, according to e-mails exchanged between their leaders.

Emails sent anonymously to Fort Worth Star-Telegram indicate that the Tarrant County Executive Committee expects to vote on January 10 to decide to remove Shahid Shafi from his leadership position.

Some party members say that Shafi, a surgeon and council member from a suburb of Fort Worth, may be more faithful to Islamic law or may not support the pro-Israel platform of the party well enough.

Shafi says he supports US laws and the judicial system, and says he has no affiliation with "any terrorist organization," as some have claimed. Shafi, who became a US citizen in 2009 and shortly after joining the Republican Party, says he supports the second amendment and that he has never promoted Sharia law, or Islamic law.

He is one of four GOP leaders in the county that some party members are trying to overthrow. Another targeted woman is a GOP president, married to a Muslim.

E-mails have alarmed party leaders after Democratic Beto O. Rourke won the county in an attempt to overthrow US Senator Ted Cruz, who was eventually re-elected. Tarrant County is Texas' third most populous county with over 2 million residents, behind Harris County and Dallas County. O 'Rourke's representation was the first time in decades that a Democrat running for federal office won the county.

An email from a Republican activist said, "We have become too lax."

Lisa Grimaldi Abdulkareem, president of the district council and married to a Muslim, told the Star-Telegram that the Republican party would be overthrown if it "did not stand up against those who want to discriminate against others."

"Where does discrimination end?" I think people need to talk hard and let some know that it is not fair and that it will not be tolerated, "she said.

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