Governor of Wisconsin Ships National Guard from Border


The Democrats' order makes Wisconsin the third state to remove Border Guard personnel this month, citing President Donald Trump's speech on border security.

"There is simply not enough evidence to support the president's assertion that there is a national security crisis on the southwestern border," Evers said in a press release. "Therefore, there is no justification for the continued presence of members of the Wisconsin National Guard at the border."

Evers added that the border should be the responsibility of US Customs and Border Protection.

He made an order to bring the National Guard troops home on Monday.
The order comes weeks after New Mexico and California ordered their own National Guard troops to return home after the border. The Democratic governors of both states rejected the concept of crisis on the southern border and criticized the president for his actions. Their decision was made prior to Trump 's statement of a national emergency situation at the border.
"The urgency" of borders is a manufactured crisis. And California will not be part of this political theater. That's why I entrusted a new mission to the National Guard, "said California Governor Gavin Newsom in a statement released Feb. 11.
Several other states removed border staff in June in response to the administration's practice of separating families from undocumented migrants.
The announcement made by Evers comes the same day that 58 former national security officials issued a statement condemning Trump 's use of his national emergency powers.
Congress members are also preparing to vote on legislation that would reprimand the national emergency declaration and put an end to efforts to build a wall at the border.
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