Grand Heist update of Black Ops 4 on Big PS4 is now available

The big Treyarch Operation Grand Heist update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has arrived on PS4. The update introduces a host of new content in the online shooter, including a new specialist, cards and weapons, with even more to come in the next few days.

Today 's update, Feb. 19, is a new specialist in multiplayer modes and Blackout: Outrider. Treyarch has also added a new multiplayer mode called One in the Chamber, while those with Black Ops Pass have access to two new multiplayer maps, Casino and Lockup.

Holders of Black Ops Pass also get an exclusive character for Blackout: the Zombie Cosmic Silverback Gorilla. As recently announced Treyarch, the Blackout Card has also been expanded with a new location called Ghost Town. The above ground area is designed according to the Black Ops II Standoff map, while the underground caves are inspired by the Buried Zombies map.

Speaking of zombies, the mode has also received new content in the form of the Death-Con Five Gauntlet for the classified map. Treyarch also set up a new Perk, Ethereal Razor, which "dramatically increases the player's melee damage with an area of ​​effect and a life regeneration for each hit."

Add to new weapons, camos, outfits, accessories and black market gestures. Treyarch has even more content coming up every day this week. As of February 20, the developer claims that a "familiar face is making its appearance to accommodate the new operation" and that the next day will be the kickoff of the first League Play event. Finally, on February 22, Blackout will use the new Hot Pursuit mode, which introduces three new vehicles: the SUV, the PBR and the Muscle Car.

Like the Grand Heist operation, Hot Pursuit will switch to PS4 first, then to Xbox One and PC the following week. You can read more details about the update on Treyarch's blog.

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