Grant, star of The Flash, greets the end of 'Arrow' with the sincere Instagram release


Grant Gustin, star of the CW series The flash, lamented on Instagram today about the disappearance of Arrow, the series from which his series was created.

Gustin plays Barry Allen / The Flash, making his debut in 2014 as one of the first Arrowverse franchises to emerge from the original Arrow series, join Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl and other projects, all with DC characters.

"It's a little what happens to me this morning telling me that Arrow will be leaving next year," said Gustin. "Since I started doing this, it has always been" Flash & Arrow "(or really it should be said" Arrow & Flash "on the cover … that's right, Stephen?) We do not see each other very much, because we both work with very similar schedules, on different shows, for 9 and a half months a year, but when we get together for these grueling crossover episodes, it always results in very special thing. "

The fun of "so many people in great costumes, and get paid to play, pretends on TV. It's something that would not happen year after year if it was not related to the preparatory work that Arrow, Stephen and the entire cast and team did for us, "he added.

arrows The eighth season to come in the series of 10 episodes will be his last star, the star of the series, Stephen Amell, announced earlier this month on social media.

"It was a tough decision to make, but like all the tough decisions we've made in seven years, it was in Arrow's best interest," Arrow Executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz said in a joint statement. "We are encouraged by the fact that Arrow has given birth to a whole world of shows that will continue for many years. We are excited to draw a conclusion that honors the series, its characters and legacy and are grateful to all the writers, producers, actors and, more importantly, to the incredible team that has brought us supported as well as the series for more than seven years. "

Arrow Mark Pedowitz, then CW's new president, was the first to make a breakthrough and wanted to expand the network's appeal beyond the younger viewers who came together for series like Gossip Girl. Arrow also launched a major DC franchise on the CW, which now includes five series, including Flash.

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It's a bit as if this morning had just told me that Arrow will leave us next year. Since I started doing this, it has always been "Flash & Arrow" (or really it should be said "Arrow & Flash" on the cover … well, Stephen?) We do not see ourselves much because we both work very similar schedules, on different shows, for 9 months and a half a year. But when we come together for these episodes of grueling crossings, it always results in something very special. And not just a special kind of hell. It's just a banana to rub shoulders with so many people in super suits and get paid to play pretend on TV. It's something that would not happen from year to year if it was not related to the preparatory work that Arrow, Stephen and all of the actors and the team did for us. Not only that, but Stephen has always brought a different kind of passion to his show and to the Arrowverse set. I've always figured out how important it was for Stephen to be part of this adventure as Oliver Queen. And how much care there is always put. I will never forget oh soo so many memories that we have shared together over our hundreds, even our thousands of hours of crossover filming. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making Arrow to let me travel with you all. Congratulations on a badass show that will last forever. I will never forget to watch the first season excessively and not be afraid of my first day of shooting, to see you all in person. Stephen, you are a legend. Maybe that means we can stay longer?

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