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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The North Carolina parcel was one of her greatest strengths in 2019, and she was particularly dominant in the UNC's seven-game winning streak in the tournament and regions, averaging 1.93 points. on 37.1 innings in these seven competitions. The Tar Heels therefore seemed well aligned with a three-point lead after seven innings in the first game of the regional season against Auburn. The three UNC rookies, Austin Love, Joey Lancellotti and Hansen Butler, were not as bright as Saturday, and Auburn fought back to win 11-7.

On Sunday, North Carolina regained its usual activity, which earned 4.2 brilliant rounds of relief against Love's 2-0 win, leveling the series to one game each.

"I did not say anything in the pen [after Saturday’s loss], I do not talk much to pitchers, I leave that to train [Robert] Woodard, "said UNC coach Mike Fox. "But I believe in these guys and I felt like Austin would be good today. I did not know that he was going to be this well. I guess he's thrown 41 shots and 9 balls, I think it was 11 in a row at one point, so that was the difference. It's a good offensive club, so we have to move forward. He has three more fields and he was in rhythm today. "

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