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"A psychopath, Chrysa Spiliotis"

Yesterday, the body of Chrysa Spiliotis was identified, who finally lost her life with her husband in the flames of the deadly fire at Mati

The tragic news was reported for the first time by her colleague, Aneta Papathanasiou . "My dear friends today, my 32 year old girlfriend, Chrysa Spiliotis has been identified and is now officially dead"

On Monday, relatives and friends of the actor were looking for the couple's track to Kokkino Limanaki, where they were for the last time.

It is believed that the actor had managed to reach the sea where she had left her cage and her dog, but she turned to find her husband

On Friday, the body of Dimitris Tournavi was identified with his DNA . his daughter and hopes for Chrysa began to erase.

The same day, the ancient theater of Epidaurus was sung by the prolonged applause of the audience, since when the show "Thesmophorizeous" came to an end, the director and artistic director of the Athens Festival Vangelis Theodoropoulos , after the actor and actors

Among all these scared people, there is a friend, a colleague. A very sensitive woman. A psycho, Chrysa Spiliotis. The show is dedicated to all these people, to their loved ones …

And the National Theater of Northern Greece dedicates to memory the two representations of the tragedy of Euripides, which will be given to the ancient theater on Friday. next and

The NTUA expresses its deep sorrow for the tragic loss of "our beloved Chryssa Spilioti, a member of the Board of Directors, who has always been a representative of the Greek Theater Writers' Society since 2015."

In the announcement It is emphasized that "I will remain forever in our hearts as one of the most gracious faces of Greek theater"

Particularly dear and charismatic personality, she was distinguished in many areas of the spirit and art, while his contribution the theater has been significant and multifaceted. A leading actor and theatrical writer well known in Greece and abroad, a screenwriter, a director and a pedagogue

The Chairman of the Board of Directors. NTUA, Aris Stylianou, said shocked. "We lost our Chrysa, the nice girl of the Greek theater, we worked for three years on the board of the NTUA, was flawless at all, we will never forget that."

"I will never forget his smile, his willingness to help the WCBE to reconstruct it in any way, his prudence, his humor and his nobility.We have been working for three years, we We have struggled together, with stubbornness and optimism for the sake of our theater, congratulations to his loved ones, I do not have any other words, "said Yannis Anastasakis, artistic director of the theater.

The actor had played in several shows, movies and television series. In the theater, he collaborated with famous directors such as Minos Volanakis and George Sebasicoglou. The first screen appeared in 1997 with the "Queen of the Queen", with which she became known to the general public.

His last show, the singer "My son Nikolaos Mantzaros", which she wrote and performed herself,

As her biography says, she was born in Athens and graduated from the Theater School of the National Theater and has taken improvisation courses in France.

He was one of the key figures of the "Open Theater" of Giorgos Michailidis, "Spring Theater" and he also collaborated with "Theater of the South", "Theater of Cephalonia", "National Theater" Free Scene "and many others.He taught the game in his school Diomidis Fotiadis.

Since 1997, he mainly focuses on the writing of plays.Her work in Greece and in Greece. Foreign (New York, London, Croatia, Netherlands) is "Who Discovered America?", "Scottish Shower", "Aga-Sphi and Friend" "Fire and Water", "Who sleeps tonight ? "," The eye of the tiger. "His works are published by" Dodoni "," Kastaniotis "," Socholis-Kouledakis ", while the new collection" Lost Right "by Kedros"

"Who discovered America? "was translated into six languages ​​and is included in Polish in the aboriginal anthology of the Greek texts" Z Parnasu I Olimpu ", while" Fire and Water "has been translated and éga Tristan Bates Theater

She directed the works of Aga … sphi and fi "in two different performances (DIPETHE Patras and Athens Altera Pars) and" Who sleeps He served as general secretary d & # 39; ITT. (International Theater Institute).

He has a long pedagogical experience. She taught a play in kindergartens and elementary schools. He presented and presented to ERT in collaboration with Anneta Papathanasiou and Olympia Basklavani the children's series "Lights please", for a period of three years, ERT Daily TV Kindergarten "Around us", together with the texts of the broadcasts [19659013]. He has written and presented the children's series ERT "Bourboulethres, the children's play" In the Country of Carnival ", fairy tales for the ERT 2 program" … And Sweet Dreams "the series" A Thousand Nights and a Narredin "which was presented for three years by Greek radio.

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