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"Green Book" won despite lack of social media love

They say on the radio that callers make up about 15% of your audience. I'm not sure how this works for those who are active on social media compared to those who do not care. However, I personally do not have time to complain about online Oscars winners or losers. But I credit them with choosing "Green Paper", despite the best move that social media has to offer.

"Green Book" is the true story of two men, Tony Vallelonga and concert pianist, Dr. Don Shirley, who gathered for a walk in the south in 1962 that allowed them to open one to the other and to the world around them. Tony's son, Frank, said that it was also a love story based on the letter that his father had written to his mother with the help of Dr. Shirley.

Frank also stated that it was his father's story and that he would never be the same again after returning from his trip. His brother Nick, who won the Best Screenplay Award, wrote it with the permission of his father and Dr. Shirley, who asked him not to consult his family and write it after his death. Shirley and Vallelonga both died in 2013.

"Green Book" is an excellent film that won the Oscar for best film despite social media. I wonder how many of those who have posted have seen the film, or how many who have posted are really sincere about their opinion or are just trying to advance their brand. We live in a world where messages become news.

Whether you like the "Green Book" or not, you have to like the fact that the judges liked it, "as it should be," Governor Murphy would say, based on their opinion rather than succumbing to social media. .

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