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Green New Deal was not really about the climate

Staff representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said her signing, Green New Deal, was not really about saving the planet after all.

In a report of Washington PostSaikat Chakrabarti revealed that "it was not the cause of a climate issue … we really see it as a way to change the economy. "

This revelation took place during a conversation with Sam Ricketts, climate director for presidential candidate Jay Inslee. Chakrabarti also told Ricketts of the Green New Deal: "I think … it's double, it's an existential challenge for the climate. and it builds an economy that contains more prosperity. More sustainability in this prosperity – and more broadly shared prosperity, fairness and justice in all. "

Chakrabarti also commented on Ricketts' climate plans with Inslee, who ran a campaign almost exclusively on environmental issues: "I'm going to be honest, I think I still think you're not going big enough."

AOC had previously tweeted that "@ JayInslee's climate plan is the most serious and comprehensive to deal with our crisis in the 2020 area".

The Green New Deal itself was fraught with difficulties when it was launched in February, which included confusing language and contradictions in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. The now-withdrawn statements that have been widely shared with the media and posted on the Internet have claimed that the Green New Deal would bring "economic security to all those who are unable or unwilling to work" and called for "a complete transition of fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases ".

The FAQ also stated: "Our goal is to reach net zero, not zero emissions, in 10 years, because we are not sure we can get rid of cows and planes completely. as fast."

Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, who is one of the main co-sponsors of the Green New Deal, said about the launch surge: "I know the fact sheet, but again, it's distinct from the resolution, agree "The resolution really corresponds to the document I was talking about today. This is the key document. That's what you should focus on. Focus on the resolution. "Later, AOC blamed the FAQ on anonymous help, stating," I certainly had a staff member who had a very bad day at work. "

The Green New Deal, which some say could cost more than $ 93 trillion to enact, also promised "economic prosperity for all." The resolution was resolutely rejected in the Senate in March.

In a 2018 video, Chakrabarti promoted the program of his newly elected congressional boss by wearing a t-shirt featuring the face of Subhas Chandra Bose, who had collaborated with Hitler and imperial Japan during the Second World War.

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