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The lunar lands belong to about 40 million Earthlings, including 20,000 originating in Russia, according to the NDV real estate company.

According to the experts of the company, the lands on the Moon are the cheapest that one can legitimately buy in space.

Companies operating in Russia sell an acre of this type for 3,000 rubles ($ 47), which is less than a dollar per square meter. The owner receives a certificate of ownership.

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The parcels are sold on the visible side of the moon, which allows for a "land mark" when the owner can see the boundaries of his or her parcel and the neighbor using observation devices.

The NDV experts noted that the lunar real estate was not an asset, which means that it could never be pledged or used to repay debts.

In 1967, the UN prevented any country from owning land on the Moon, and the 1979 Moon Treaty further stipulated that all satellites were to be used for the benefit of humanity and not for the sake of land. only one country.

In 1980, US citizen Dennis Hope claimed possession of the moon after declaring he had found a loophole in the UN's Outer Space Treaty that prevented countries from owning land there- low – but did not restrict individuals in the same way.

The so-called Lunar Embassy, ​​which was created by Hope, says more than a billion moon acres have already been "Sold and distributed worldwide."

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"You can buy a piece of the moon or own your own land on Mars. In addition to giving the unique gift of the property on the planet Venus, " claims from the lunar embassy website.

According to the firm, each lunar property is accompanied by three documents: the lunar act, the lunar map and codes, conventions and lunar restrictions.

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