Greg Little: Why should the Browns recruit offensive lineman Ole Miss


INDIANAPOLIS – Freddie Kitchens told the NFL on Wednesday he was looking to trust potential candidates.

He likes to love Greg Little.

"I am so competitive that my goals have to be met and be a fully pro year," said Ole Miss left tackle. "Or at least in the second year, all professionals. I want to be the offensive rookie of the year and be able to dominate my rookie year. "

Little said he was scheduled to meet the Browns later on Thursday. If he impresses during the 15-minute talk and does not hurt his stock during Friday's drills, he may have the opportunity to pursue these lofty goals in Cleveland.

The Browns have 10 picks in the NFL draft in 2019, including number 17 in the overall standings. The Browns have their starting quarter, but still have many needs. At the NFL level, describes players who could meet these needs at different points in the project.

Who: Ole Mademoiselle left Greg Little.

Cut: 6-5, 310.

What he did: Little was the first All-SEC team last season as a junior. He started all the games on the left attack in his last two seasons at Ole Miss. Upon leaving high school, Little was a five-star prospect and the country's best offensive lineman, according to many screening services. According to ESPN, he was the # 2 prospect.

How could the Browns get it: Not likely to fall in the second round. He expects to be the second or third attacking tackle on the board. This means that the Browns should use the No. 17 pick on him, which would not be a litter.

It's not hard to find a mock match where the Browns are targeting Little (or another offensive tackle) with their first-round pick.

Why Brown should want it: Yes, they have just signed an extension with Greg Robinson, and the $ 9 million deal gives the former No. 2 election the former choice. But John Dorsey said Thursday that the left tackle remains a position that the Brown could take to face this offseason.

Protecting Baker Mayfield must be a priority for the Browns, and adding high-level talent to a position as a left tackle is just helping. With a deep draft on the defensive line (perhaps the biggest need of the Browns), it would be logical to tackle one of the best offensive linemen.

Plus, if you ask him, Little already has a lot to like.

"I have a good instinct. I am a high IQ guy, "said Little. "A lot of attacks limit their view to the front, center and center. I look at security, look what they do. The securities will tell you a lot about what's going on in the room.

"I think a lot of coaches I've met have been surprised by the quality of my IQ."

Why they may not want him: Dorsey is still willing to add good football players to his squad, but if the Robinson are hired for another year, the Browns could ask for help at the offensive line later in the draft.

Here is what few had to say on Thursday

Do not be a beginner as a rookie: "I like to learn, I like to gain experience from older guys." I like soaking it like a sponge, what they did well, what they did wrong. I like to compete, too. All that the coach asks me to do, I am ready to do it. If I have to sit somewhere, play the right tackle, I'm cool with that. Or playing at the center or goalkeeper would be great. The most important thing is to arrive and be coachable.

On his strengths and weaknesses: "My strengths would be my athleticism. I played basketball while growing up. Do a lot of sport. Size, length, long arms. I can thank my parents for that. My weaknesses are probably just more precise in my technique and add more strength to the upper body. "

On his love of football: "Football helps me in life. It helps me to be balanced. It helps me to be organized. Many football lessons are integrated into life. It also helped me to become a better man. "

While playing Ole Miss: "We had to face a lot of adversity with bowl bans, recruitment penalties and coaching changes. And that really helped me to become who I am.

S & # 39; adapt to life in the NFL: "There is only one name on this pay check, and just about everyone has nobody who will make you do things, so you have to be responsible."

On his weight: "I weighed 337 my first year. Now, I weigh 310. The offensive we conducted at Ole Miss – a high tempo, no group – is very difficult to play at 340. A lot of shots, about 95-100 is playing a game. Getting control of my body was the most important thing for me. "

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