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Greg Oden NBA Summer League: They put you in Vegas for a good reason

Greg Oden, the # 1 choice in 2007, has some tips for NBA rookies playing in the Summer League: going to bed early.

"They put you in Vegas for a reason," Oden told Reiter Than You. "They want to see who will be trained in all aspects outside. So, make sure you stay out of the clubs. The coaches are there and they will see you. You will not go unnoticed. "

Oden, who played in the NBA from 2007 to 2014, was an American player at Ohio State, leading the Buckeyes to the national title in his only university season.

He encouraged recruits to learn as much as possible this summer.

"This is the first time these guys play NBA basketball," he said. "As the games go on, learn something. Take something. At the end of the summer league, you will have a glimpse of the NBA game. Be the best of yourself. You never know who will give you an opportunity or who you will meet. "

Oden's career was ravaged by injuries, but he found a new home in the Big3. Only 31, he said that he would consider a return to the NBA.

"I loved playing in the Big3," he said. "What do these agreements look like now, I would certainly like to come back to the league. But my knees are what they are, so it'll be hard. If something happens, I should go through a really difficult rehab situation, just to make sure my body is right. But for now, I'm at the Big3. I like playing a lot there and I like the competition very much. I feel good because when the fans are there, it gives you the impression that they just want to see you and play good basketball. "

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